White House schedule shows “jobs announcement” amid Foxconn speculation

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RACINE COUNTY -- We could learn, as soon as Wednesday, July 26th whether electronics manufacturer Foxconn is headed to Wisconsin. All signs indicate the company is zeroing in on Racine County.

Sources say there could be an announcement as soon as Wednesday.

President Donald Trump

A Foxconn plant would mean thousands of jobs, and billions in investments. Some are wondering -- at what price.

"I think they are going to give the governor a very happy surprise," President Donald Trump said amid the Foxconn speculation.

"I do (know something about Foxconn) -- and stay tuned. I'll let the governor, who has been the quarterback of the Foxconn negotiations give you more about that later," House Speaker Paul Ryan said Monday.

House Speaker Paul Ryan

All signs point to an announcement that the industrial heavyweight plans to build a massive manufacturing facility in SE Wisconsin -- a plant where workers would build panels for flat screen televisions. A Foxconn plant would mean as many as 10,000 jobs, and billions in investments.

Tammy Graceffa

Those numbers led to smiles inside Tammy Graceffa's Sturtevant tavern.

"We're excited to hear it. But yeah. Let's do it! We're in!" Graceffa said.

A Foxconn plant wouldn't just be good for Graceffa's business. She said her family has been approached about possibly selling farmland for a very generous price just south of Highway 11 on the Mount Pleasant/Sturtevant line. She said she's most excited about the possible instant impact on the community.

"We're going to have so much work -- not just for the 10,000 jobs there, but business owners and construction workers. It's going to be huge for our area," Graceffa said.


Still unknown as of Tuesday: What kind of tax incentives the state is willing to offer Foxconn. Some lawmakers have raised concerns that the state might be willing to give away too much.

Steven Deller

"There are numerous studies out there that have suggested that sometimes states get so wrapped up in winning the game, the incentive package never really pays for itself," said Steven Deller, UW professor.

"We're real excited, but we don't know where they are going to choose. Fingers crossed," Graceffa said.

Tax incentives can be very controversial. Some of the numbers being tossed around in connection with a possible Foxconn deal are in the billions.

First though, a possible announcement, which could come as soon as Wednesday.