“Creative open play:” Little Sprouts Play Cafe is a shoe-free, indoor play cafe in Shorewood

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SHOREWOOD -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Little Sprouts Play Cafe in Shorewood. They are a shoe-free (socks required), indoor play cafe. The play cafe is ideal for children up to 6 years old. Young kids will love the imagination inspired play. Parents will love our free Stone Creek coffee and free WI-FI.

About Little Sprouts Play Cafe (website)

Our play space features toys and structures meant to inspire your child’s imagination. We strive to provide young kids with a space to socialize, engage, and feel safe.

Come join us for some creative open play! Currently, our cafe has free Stone Creek coffee for our guests. You can also purchase a small selection of specialty drinks, bakery items, and prepackaged snacks. We are continuing to expand our menu.

For our visitors over 6, we have a special selection of age appropriate toys that kids can use outside of the play space. In order to keep our youngest visitors safe, we ask that older kids keep these activities at our cafe tables.

We do not allow carry-in foods. As some of our guests have gluten sensitivities, Celiac Disease, and peanut / tree-nut allergies, our goal is provide a safe food environment. We offer gluten-free food options and avoid products made with nuts. However, we cannot yet guarantee that our menu items are not prepared or processed in a facility or on equipment shared with peanut or tree-nut products.