Boy with down syndrome goes viral with singing

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PROSPER, Texas — He’s the newest internet sensation…singing a classic song and making millions of new fans.

You’ve probably sang this song in the car or shower too, but when Dane Miller sang it, more than five million people watched it.

The video was recorded Monday July 24th, as the nine-year-old’s dad was driving with him. A family member shared it on Facebook, and it’s almost as popular as the Whitney Houston version.

Dane’s mother, Danna Miller, said “we did just watch a documentary on her about a month ago, and so he started downloading some of her songs and that was the one he just got stuck on.”

Danna says she can’t believe the response the video has gotten.

“Just reading the comments, they’re so sweet. I get emotional,” Danna Miller said. “Even some other families that have Down syndrome children have posted pictures of their kids.”

KTVT reporter asked Dane, “what do you think about millions of people watching you sing?

And Dane Miller only had one word to answer that, “happy.”

Dane says that with his newly found fame, he plans to put up more videos.

The family says they’ve started a Youtube channel for him – it’s called “Amazing Dane.”