“Nothing could top this:” Bud Selig inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame on his 83rd birthday

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Bud Selig

COOPERSTOWN, New York — As an owner, he heard a couple of his players give their Hall of Fame speeches. As a commissioner, he heard a lot more. On Sunday, July 30th, it was Bud Selig’s turn to talk, and talk he did, as he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

On the eve of his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Selig shared a story about his favorite birthday — when he turned 15. But from here on out, a new story of a favorite birthday will be told, about a weekend spent in Cooperstown, and his HOF induction on his 83rd.

“As I said in my speech, my mother was really the one who got me interested in baseball. My 15th birthday was just an amazing experience, but nothing could top this,” Selig said.

Bud Selig

From the time Selig found out he was being voted into the Hall of Fame, until the time he received his plaque on stage among the other baseball greats, the emotions were overwhelming, and even the source of some nerves.

“You know, I’ve given thousands of speeches in all kinds of circumstances, and I kept trying to insist that I wasn’t nervous. I was tense. I had worked on my speech, had 32 drafts as Mr. Justice knows, and I wanted in a short period of time to really illustrate what had gone on the last 22, 23 years and I hope I did that,” Selig said.

And with the tables turned on the commissioner emeritus, he was no longer the one making the introductions. Instead, he was the one being recognized.

“It was, and I keep using the word, but I’d say this to you, it’s overwhelming. You sit up there, and here I am on my 83rd birthday and you’re getting the highest honor that baseball can award and it was an overwhelming, stunning feeling, and was I nervous.  I’ll admit I was,” Selig said.

Bud Selig

Bud Selig

Over the last few months leading up to the induction, Selig said many times he was overwhelmed, and you could really see it during Sunday’s ceremony. It really was a weekend spent watching a kid’s dream come true.