“I feel violated:” Milwaukee neighborhood targeted in recent robberies

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MILWAUKEE -- A terrifying encounter. A woman comes face-to-face with an armed robber who broke into her home near 63rd and Stack.

Police say it was not the only house on the block targeted in the Fairview neighborhood Tuesday August 1st. Those break-ins took place in broad daylight. The victims are sharing photos of the suspects and warning others that it could happen anywhere.

"I feel violated," a victim says.

Scary moments-- one woman will never forget.

A victim says, "all of a sudden, I heard someone knocking at the door."

As she sat inside her house near 63rd and Stack Tuesday afternoon--

"Really loud, really fast and they were pushing the doorbell super fast," she said.

Unexpected visitors arrived--who had no intention to leave.

She said, "they started pulling back in my driveway, towards my garage."

The new mother called 911, put her baby and dog in a bedroom and dead-bolted her door. She took video of a man approaching and snapped photos of his vehicle. Moment later, he kicked in her door.

The victim said she, "just kind of stood there and he saw me and by that time he ran to his car."

When he got in her driveway--the situation turned terrifying.

She says, "he put his hands over, with a gun he yelled like 'get back, go back.'"

He took off when police arrived.

One of the victims, Donna Pinczkowski, shows her living room windows, "As you can tell this is bent a little bit."

Neighbors realized their block had been targeted.

Pinczkowski said, "every drawer, every door, everything was dumped."

Another victim, Patricia Granger, says, "I looked into my bedroom, it was just in shambles, just ransacked."

The suspects got away with jewelry and cash.

"Mostly sentimental value type things. My husband died 10 years ago...so the necklace, the rings," Granger said.

The neighbors say they feel lucky no one was hurt. But they are warning others-- it can happen anywhere.

The anonymous victim says,"you shouldn't have to feel unsafe in your own home."

No arrests have been made in this case. If you recognize the suspects or the vehicle--give police a call.