“I lock everything twice:” Doorbell camera catches picture of burglar now on the run

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MILWAUKEE -- A doorbell camera captured the face of a man who came face to face with his victim just before midnight Tuesday, August 1st.

"I started to come up the stairs," burglary victim Rebecca Doberstein said.

Rebecca Doberstein

Doberstein was doing some cleaning at her home near 70th and Hampton when she got, "about a third of the way up the stairs and then I heard more noise and stopped. As I'm looking up the stairs coming around from the doorway, there there's a guy standing there holding a bag."

Man caught on camera robbing Milwaukee woman's home.

Her doorbell camera was able to grab a picture of his face.

Doberstein was bringing debris up from her basement to a waiting dumpster outside her back door when she came face-to-face with the burglar.

"He just freezes and looks at me and I freeze and I look at him and had some choice colorful words about what he should do. And he took off as fast as he came in out the door towards the alley," Doberstein said.

Man caught on camera robbing Milwaukee woman's home.

The burglar made off with her gray leather purse, all its contents, but more importantly he took her loaded gun, a Glock in a holster. She quickly took to Facebook and posted the photo asking who the burglar is. Milwaukee police are looking for him too. Doberstein says he was in her house for just about a minute, but what he took leaves her very concerned.

Man caught on camera robbing Milwaukee woman's home.

"I lock everything twice, three times, check things. There are ten cameras around the house. You don't think something like that's going to happen. But you still run through the scenarios of what would you do if. And being barefoot in the basement and seeing someone at the top of your stairs with your gun certainly wasn't on that list," Doberstein said.

Man caught on camera robbing Milwaukee woman's home.

Throughout the day, people who live near 70th and Congress have been returning the victim's items, her driver's license and other personal belongings found in their yards. The gun and purse however, have not been returned.

If you have information that could help solve this case, you're urged to call Milwaukee police.