“It’s going to change the way of life here:” Foxconn may build new campus in Town of Paris

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TOWN OF PARIS -- Foxconn may be eyeing more than just Racine and Kenosha counties. FOX6 has learned the electronics manufacturer may be interested in building more than one facility in the state.

Town of Paris is land of interest for Foxconn.

The Town of Paris has been known for the same things according to farmers in the area, "agriculture is still the name of the game here. Soybeans and corn."

And town officials are proud of the work they do, "it's a rural community and we strive to keep it that way actually."

They say the way of life they are used to may change.

"I think it is going to change the way of life here."

Instead of corn and beans-- the cash crop this year may be TV's and computer screens. One farmer in the area says he's been approached about selling possibly to make way for a massive Foxconn manufacturing plant. He's not alone.

The Rossi farm in Paris, for example, is more than 400 acres and the land owners says he would be willing to sell if the price is right. But even the property alone would not be large enough for the Foxconn facility.

Town of Paris is land of interest for Foxconn.

Foxconn appears to still be on the hunt to acquire as much as 1,000 acres for a campus that may one day employ 13-thousand people. Landowners on the Mount Pleasant-Sturtevant line also say they too are in the mix.

Before they've nailed down where they will build, there is speculation more facilities may be on the way.

In an exclusive interview with FOX6 Political Reporter Theo Keith-- House Speaker Paul Ryan hints Foxconn interests may go well beyond Racine and Kenosha counties.

Paul Ryan speaks about Foxconn

"But they also want to tap into our intellectual talent in Madison and Milwaukee as well. So what we are getting from Wisconsin is we do anticipate that there`s going to be more than just this one location in the Racine/Kenosha area. So this to me is a very good game-changer to the state. it`s a great development," Ryan said.

As Foxconn tries to figure out where to build, state lawmakers are debating whether to give the company up to $3 billion in tax incentives-- the largest in the state's history.

One land owner says while it's nice someone has approached him, he won't believe the deal until it actually happens.