“Lots of cameras:” State Fair officials take security seriously, urge patience from fair goers

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WEST ALLIS -- The Wisconsin State Fair officially opens Thursday morning, August 3rd. The gates open at 8:00 a.m., but visitors should remember they will first have to go through security.

Between 800,000 and 1 million people are expected to come to the fair over the next 11 days. While fun will be the priority of those visiting, those working behind the scenes say safety is first and foremost.

Cameras are located all throughout WI State Fair.

"We have cameras, lots of cameras throughout the fair park and the perimeter of the park that we're constantly looking at," said Kristi Chuckel, State Fair spokesperson.

Chuckel reminds visitors that they will first have to go through security to enter the grounds.

"They will not only have to go through a metal detection device, but they will also have all of their bags checked," Chuckel said.

Security metal detectors at WI State Fair

While that practice was implemented last year, Chuckel said new this year, concrete barricades will be placed between the ferris wheel and the road.

"Just to prevent, whether it's purposeful or on accident, someone driving through the gates, especially here along 84th St. where the gate really does go right up to the street," Chuckel said.

Concrete barricades will be placed between the ferris wheel and the road

The goal is to keep out any potential threats so that this summer tradition can keep going.

The fair also has its own police force that will be patrolling the grounds and working closely with West Allis and Milwaukee police.