“That’s my dog. I want it back:” 10-month-old dog taken from her home

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UPDATE (4:00 p.m. Thursday, August 3rd): Tundra has been returned to her owner.

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are looking for a dog-napper. A man on the city's south side says someone came on to his property and took his dog.

But the crook made a major mistake - he was caught on camera.

This wasn't just any dog, it was an American Bulldog that's been taken to dog shows across the country. It's value? $4,500.

There's something missing from the backyard of this home on the city's south side...

Owner Christian Xopin says, "they're companions. That's my pet. That's my dog. I want it back."

Last week, Milwaukee police say an american bulldog, a 10-month-old female named "Tundra", was taken from her pen.

He said, "they came in here, slid her door open."

Xopin says it happened at around 6:00 p.m. while he was out walking his other dogs. He says a man drove up in a wine-colored minivan, came down the alley and opened his back gate. The suspect allegedly coaxed Tundra out of the backyard.

"As soon as she got close, they pulled her in," Xopin said.

And then they took off with her. Xopin knows this is what happened because the whole chain of events was captured on the security cameras of a nearby business. Now separated from his pup for days, Xopin is worried someone is trying to use tundra as a fighting dog.

"Worst case is malnourished. A lot of these dogs do get neglected as far as what they have to eat," Xopin said. "She's a pretty heavy girl. 10 months and she is very small but a very big body on her."

A big girl and a big loss for a man. Hopeful he'll soon be reunited with his pet.

Xopin said, "it does mean a lot to me to have her back home."

The owner says the same van returned a few days later and tried to steal another dog. This time, the suspect was unable to get in through the gate because it was locked.

Police continue to investigate.