7-week-old dies and mold was supposedly the killer; now that might not be the case

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MILWAUKEE -- How did a seven-week-old baby boy, whose home shows evidence of mold inside, actually die?

Little Maurion Williams was found dead in his home, the end of June. His family members say the levels of mold found in the house point to one conclusion. But, not everyone agrees.

The family of seven-week-old Williams gathered at City Hall for a Facebook Live with community advocate Tory Lowe.

They, along with a private investigator and lawyer, wanted to talk about test results from a mold inspection on the home where their little boy died and to get people to demand the city pay for home testing.

"They found that the home has penicillium aspergillus mold. Not the black mold, but it's a white fuzzy mold and it's a killer." Investigator Daniel Storm said.

Two weeks ago, city inspectors did an inspection of the home. While not condemning it, Storm says they gave the landlord until the 23rd to remediate the problems. FOX6 News stopped by the landlord's home to ask her and were told she wasn't there. A phone call rendered the same answer.

The boy's parents believe mold killed their son.

"It's crazy that my son had to suffer through that and we didn't even know what it was," Maurion's father, Maurice Williams said.

Their attorney, Walter Stern, said before any legal action is taken, he wants an independent Forensic Pathologist to step in.

A spokeswoman with the Medical Examiner's Office says additional testing on Maurion Williams has been done focused on mold. The results came back negative for fungal infection.

And for as bad as conditions appear to be in videos and photos, the family says they're still living in the home near 12th and Center because they don't have adequate finances to move.

As of now, the Medical Examiner's Office still says Maurion's death is undetermined, citing an unsafe sleeping environment. They say he was on a fold out couch bed, next to a ten-year-old sibling.

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