Great news! Tundra is back with its owner, but dog-napper still on the run

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Tundra, an American Bulldog

MILWAUKEE — Tundra is back home with its owner!

FOX6 News told you about Tundra, an American Bulldog, on Wednesday evening, August 2nd. Police were looking for someone who dog-napped her from her owner’s property on Milwaukee’s south side.

On Thursday, Tundra’s owner indicated whoever stole the dog sold it — and the new “owner” saw the FOX6 News report on TV and brought the dog to police.

Milwaukee police tell FOX6 News they are still looking for the person who took Tundra in the first place. He was caught on camera.

Suspect accused of stealing Tundra, an American Bulldog

The owner said the suspect drove up in a wine-colored minivan, came down the alley and opened his back gate. The suspect then allegedly coaxed Tundra out of the backyard.

If you have information that could help solve this case, you’re urged to contact the Milwaukee Police Department.