Captured: “The ball right now is in her court:” U.S. Marshals need help to track down Ekeyra Linsy

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MILWAUKEE -- U.S. Marshals say 20-year-old Ekeyra Linsy is wanted for a string of serious retail thefts. The latest incident happened at Brookfield Square Mall.

Agents say surveillance video in March 2016 captured Linsy and an accomplice walking into a Victoria’s Secret store. Employees saw them grab a handful of clothing and leave the store without paying. Police say the merchandise was valued between $800 and $1,000.

“As this took place, Ms. Linsy’s accomplice pulled out a stun gun, and threatened the store employee with violence. The store employee did the right thing. They disengaged from the situation,” the agent said.

An off-duty Brookfield police officer happened to watch the events unfold and managed to capture information on the getaway car -- which turned out to be stolen.

“The City of Brookfield did learn who Ms. Linsy and her accomplice was. They were able to take her accomplice into custody,” the agent said.

Further investigation found the two women were already under investigation by Glendale police for a similar crime at Bayshore Town Center. U.S. Marshals say both suspects were selling various stolen items on Facebook.

Linsy is also known for driving stolen cars. Glendale and Brown Deer police have issued warrants for her arrest.

Linsy managed to go under the radar until November 2016 when she was stopped and detained by Las Vegas police. The agreement was that Linsy would be allowed to fly back to Milwaukee, but she would have to immediately report to Waukesha County court. She never did.

“The ball right now is in her court,” the agent explained. “She can do the right thing. She can call us call the U.S. Marshals office and say, 'Hey, I need to turn myself in.'”

Linsy's mother is well aware she’s wanted. When agents stopped by her home, she told them “she can’t control what her daughter does.”

Now, investigators are turning to FOX6 News viewers to send tips on her whereabouts and hold her accountable for her actions. If you have information that could help U.S. Marshals, you're urged to call 414-297-3707.