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“Don’t call the cops:” Man facing new charges for attempted abduction hours before woman abducted in Milwaukee

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KENOSHA — 28-year-old Jose Arevalo-Viera — one of two men accused of abducting a woman from downtown Milwaukee and sexually assaulting her in Kenosha County, is now facing new charges. The new charges are in connection to an attempted abduction in Kenosha — which happened just hours before the woman was abducted from Milwaukee.

Jose Arevalo-Viera

28-year-old Jose Arevalo-Viera is now facing one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping (use of a dangerous weapon), and one count of stalking (as party to a crime) out of Kenosha County.

He was charged back in July with one count of first degree sexual assault, use of a dangerous weapon in connection to the abduction and sexual assault of a woman in downtown Milwaukee.

According to the new criminal complaint, at approximately 11:45 p.m. on June 15th, an 18-year-old girl contacted 911 to report that someone with a baseball bat was following her vehicle as she left Buffalo Wild Wings.

The victim told investigators that she and her friend left Buffalo Wild Wings in Kensoha around 11:30 p.m. She stated that as she pulled out of the parking lot, she noticed a truck also pulling out. She stated as she came to a stop on 104th Avenue, the truck pulled alongside her passenger side and sat next to them. She then drove eastbound on 60th Street and the truck continued following her vehicle very closely.

Buffalo Wild Wings — Kenosha

According to the complaint, the victim stated she became suspicious and began to turn into the Peterson subdivision. As she did this, the truck pulled into the grass alongside her right side and prevented her from turning. She stated she was able to turn south on 82nd Avenue and she pulled over to see if the driver was someone she knew.

She stated at that time, the driver,  later identified in photo lineup as Jose Arevalo-Viera, got out of the truck and walked up to her window. Arevalo-Viera allegedly knocked on her window while saying “roll down the window. I have to ask you something.”

According to the criminal complaint, the victim stated that she told Arevalo-Viera that she was calling the police and she showed him her phone. Arevalo-Viera allegedly replied “don’t call the cops” and he walked back to his truck, reached into the bed of the truck, and removed what appeared to be a long gun.

The victim stated that as soon as she saw this, she sped away — but Arevalo-Viera resumed following her in the truck.

The complaint indicates a short time later, the victim pulled over, thinking that the truck might pass her since she had threatened to call the police. However, Arevalo-Viera pulled alongside her vehicle and the passenger in the truck, also a Hispanic male in his mid-20s, got out. The victim told police the passenger was wearing a ski mask that covered the lower half of his face and he was carrying a black bat.

The victim stated that she immediately sped off again and circled the block clockwise with the truck again following them. She stated she was able to turn very quickly onto 83rd Avenue and the defendant was unable to make the turn.

Milwaukee County case

In the Milwaukee County case, Arevalo-Viera is due back in court August 24th for his arraignment.

Additionally, 18-year-old Grabiel Arias-Martinez faces one count of kidnapping/carrying without consent, as party to a crime.

The men were arrested in Kentucky.

According to a criminal complaint, Arevalo-Viera broke through a woman’s car window with a sledgehammer while she was parked near Van Buren and Clybourn in Milwaukee on June 16th. Once Arevalo-Viera was inside of her vehicle, he displayed a box cutter and ordered her to drive to Chicago.

Arias-Martinez was following them in a pickup truck.

Jose Arevalo-Viera and Grabiel Arias-Martinez

During the drive, the complaint indicates Arevalo-Viera ordered the victim to pull over where I-94, heading eastbound, curves near the 27th Street exit. There was a wooded area there.

Arevalo-Viera allegedly told the victim if she wanted to live, she would listen to what he said. He ordered her to get her purse and her dog out of the vehicle. Arevalo-Viera then exited the vehicle on the passenger side and pulled the victim through the passenger door as well.

Jose Arevalo-Viera

Arevalo-Viera then climbed into the pickup truck being driven by Arias-Martinez and ordered the victim to climb in the backseat as well.  Once in the back seat, Arevalo-Viera displayed a three-inch knife with a curved blade and a black and silver handle, according to the criminal complaint.

According to the criminal complaint, during the drive, Arevalo-Viera and Arias-Martinez were bickering and Arevalo-Viera told Arias-Martinez, “Get the gun. Get the gun. Get the gun. I’m going to shoot her!”

The criminal complaint states that Arevalo-Viera “slapped and punched” the victim multiple times before sexually assaulting her. The victim told investigators she was yelling as loud as she could — but Arias-Martinez turned up the music and continued driving.

Jose Arevalo-Viera

After the assault, the victim was dumped near West Frontage Road and Highway 165 in Kenosha County. The victim told police she walked to several homes in an effort to seek help but no one answered their doors. Eventually, she ended up at a truck stop in Pleasant Prairie — where a truck driver allowed her to use his telephone and she was able to call 911.

During the course of this investigation, law enforcement officers learned that the victim’s vehicle was towed. The vehicle was processed for potential evidence. A fingerprint was lifted from a Ziploc bag that was found within the vehicle. That print was compared and matched the right middle finger of Jose Arevalo-Viera.

The Milwaukee Police Department, working in collaboration with federal law enforcement, located the pickup truck believed to be used in the alleged sexual assault on June 20th on I-71 as it was approaching the Louisville, Kentucky area.

This, after police released video of the vehicle, and a sketch of one of the suspects.

As law enforcement attempted to stop the vehicle, Arevalo-Viera fled on foot into a wooded area. Following a lengthy search, Arevalo-Viera, who was armed with a knife, was arrested.

An arrest report indicates Arias-Martinez was taken into custody on June 21st in Louisville, Kentucky.

The crimes Arevalo-Viera now stands accused of in Wisconsin are only part of a longer list of charges in Kentucky.

Court documents obtained by FOX6 show Arevalo-Viera has been charged in connection with more than a half-dozen other crimes in the Louisville area.

In recent weeks, Arevalo-Viera has been charged with sexual abuse, robbery, burglary, and an assault case — accused of shooting a man multiple times with a handgun.

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