Suspects in latest break-in at Manheim Auto Auction are juveniles from Milwaukee

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CALEDONIA — Officials with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office said Monday, August 7th the suspects arrested following a break-in at the Manheim Auto Auction are juveniles.

It happened early on August 3rd.

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said several individuals were taken into custody in connection with the attempted theft of vehicles. Officials said further investigation could lead to more arrests.

This was the third time this year that officials have been called out to Manheim Auto Auction to investigate a break-in.

Back in March, four cars were stolen from the Manheim Auto Auction. The thieves went to great lengths to get the vehicles — even though two crashed shortly after.

Car stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

On May 14th, another break-in happened at the Manheim Auto Auction. In this incident, investigators said thieves in at least three vehicles took down a fence — stealing an unknown number of vehicles from the lot.

The suspects that have been caught in connection with the latest break-in are being referred to juvenile court in Milwaukee County, because that’s where their from.