“Frustrating:” Suspects strike again, breaking into more vehicles in Brewers Hill; incidents caught on camera

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Brewers Hill break-ins

MILWAUKEE -- They've struck again! Criminals continue to break into vehicles in Milwaukee's Brewers Hill neighborhood -- and the break-ins were once again caught on camera. Neighbors are frustrated, and said it's been happening for weeks.

"I woke up to the sound of a window crashing," Kari Braden said.

That's not the sound anyone wants to hear first thing in the morning.

"Kind of figured what it was, with everything going on in the neighborhood," Braden said.

When she looked outside near 2nd and Lloyd, her fears were confirmed.

"You're mad. It's frustrating," Braden said.

Kari Braden

Brewers Hill break-ins

A neighbor's surveillance camera captured someone busting a window and breaking into Braden's vehicle. They didn't get away with anything. Another person was caught on camera calmly walking around, looking inside other vehicles, before taking off in a dark Jeep.

"They just don't care if they get caught or not, I guess," Braden said.

Rachel Kuhse

Brewers Hill break-ins

Just down the block on 2nd, Rachel Kuhse's boyfriend fell victim.

"Just this week, my car was broken into -- on Friday night (August 4th) and then just last night (August 8th), my boyfriend's car. Walk out to a busted window. Nothing's missing from the vehicles wonder if it's all connected," Kuhse said.

Over the weekend, surveillance cameras captured a group near Reservoir and Killian pulling up in a dark Jeep and smashing car windows. Just southwest of the area, at Brady and Astor, another window was smashed, but nothing was stolen from the vehicle.

Brewers Hill break-ins -- suspect vehicle

Brewers Hill break-ins

"Maybe an increased police presence would help," Braden said.

The victims said they hope someone recognizes the criminals so the crimes stop.

"In the grand scheme of things, it's not that big of a deal, but it takes time out of our morning and out of our day and it's just frustrating," Braden said.

Police said they continue to seek suspects, and they're investigating whether the rash of break-ins are being committed by the same people.

Brewers Hill break-ins

Brewers Hill break-ins