Rookie QB Taysom Hill looking to prove himself with the Green Bay Packers

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GREEN BAY — Aaron Rodgers is the oldest quarterback on the Green Bay Packers roster, but you might be surprised to learn who’s the second oldest; he’s the guy with the roundabout journey to Green Bay.

Taysom Hill

Some of the loudest cheers during the Packers Family Night practice were heard when the team’s four quarterbacks were showing off their accuracy. Taysom Hill was trying to put on a show right alongside Aaron Rodgers.

“We know what the fans like, and so getting ready for Family Night, we made sure the net drill was on the docket,” said Hill.

Hill has heard his share of cheers through football, but he’s had some quiet times too. Recruited by Jim Harbaugh at Stanford out of high school, Hill instead went on a two-year mission to Australia, returned and enrolled at BYU and played well, when he wasn’t hurt.

Taysom Hill

He is already 26 years old and he’s a rookie. As a point of reference, Hill is older than tackle David Bakhtiari, who is entering his fifth NFL season.

“Everyone’s journey is a little different. I certainly wish that I didn’t have some of the injuries that I’ve had to deal with, but I think I’m a better player because of it. From a mental standpoint and having to work through some of those difficulties, you’re always going through trials and you’re always going through difficulty whether it’s life or certainly on the football field,” said Hill.

Taysom Hill

Taysom Hill

Hill played a tough game with the Cougars at Wisconsin, all the way back in 2013.

“When we’ll be watching film and looking at specific plays and Aaron will remember exactly when a play happened; the year, where it was at, what direction you were going and that’s something that as a quarterback you can relate to. Going into Camp Randall, I could relate the plays he had in that game, the atmosphere, the experience, all those experiences just add up,” Hill said. “I like the idea of being able to learn from someone as good as Aaron. I have the mentality to just come in here and soak up as much knowledge and information as I can and hopefully I am here for a few years to do that.”

If that does happen, you can expect to see Hill taking aim at those nets. He’s been on a winding football path through plenty of adversity — and he’s now earned the chance to hear some cheers at Lambeau Field.