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MPD searching for man who left baby on side of road on city’s north side

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are searching for a 22-year-old known man for allegedly abandoning a baby in a car seat on the side of the roadway. Officials say the incident happened Friday, August 11th near 75th and Casper Streets.

"It’s sad are you that heartless that you would leave an innocent child there," said Jerry Wilkins.

Jerry Wilkins lives houses from the spot the nine-month-old baby boy was abandoned at. He says he made eye contact with the 22-year-old man police are now searching for on his drive home.

"I see a guy walk around, get in the car. I thought it was kind of odd that he would leave the baby there," Wilkins said.

Jerry Wilkins

Wilkins says he never could have imagined the man would be abandoning a child.

"I thought he was going in his car to get something out of it," Wilkins said.

Milwaukee police say around 2:40 p.m., the known suspect placed the child in a car seat on the side of the roadway, following some type of argument.

Neighbors say they're at a loss for words after learning what took place.

Man leaves baby on side of road near 14th and Casper Streets

"It takes a really sick individual to leave a child anywhere unattended," said a neighbor.

The child was found by someone a short time later, unharmed.

"This lady that works here at the nursing home, she knocked on my door and asked me if I knew anything about a baby," said a neighbor.

FOX6 News confirmed with a front desk employee that a good Samaritan is a woman who works in a nearby rehab and care facility.

“I commend her for that. I wish I could’ve done more," said the neighbor.

The baby has since been reunited with his family.

Wilkins believes a higher power shielded the baby from harm.

"God always watches over us," Wilkins said.

Meanwhile, police continue to search for the 22-year-old suspect for child neglect. Anyone with information should contact authorities.