Oak Creek police warn residents about white van involved in suspicious activity

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OAK CREEK -- The Oak Creek Police Department are warning residents about a suspicious white van. This, after receiving two reports of a van involved in suspicious activity involving children in the community.

Melrose and Applecreek area in Oak Creek

Troubled and frustrated...

"People are going to be afraid to let their kids outside to play and that it's not right," resident Mike Kelling said.

Residents living near Melrose and Applecreek are disturbed and worried that the children in their neighborhood are not safe.

"We certainly don't want any of them to be victims in the predatory act," Kelling said.

Home surveillance caught the suspicious vehicle

Fortunately home surveillance caught the suspicious vehicle now in question. Police say this van was suspected in an incident Tuesday morning, August 8th. Just after 10:30 a.m. a 10-year-old girl was riding her bike when she was approached by a white van. The person inside the van called her over. Thankfully she didn't listen and rode away.

"She went back home, as she was pulling into her driveway the van was driving past and said, 'Next time I want you to listen to me,'" Police Chief Steven Anderson said.

Riverton Meadows Park in Oak Creek

Then, Thursday night, August 10th, a similar van was seen by Riverton Meadows Park on the east side of Oak Creek occupied by a white male and a black male. The vehicle didn't approach any kids but for them it was unnerving.

"The van matched a similar description a white panel van with words scratched out on the side," Chief Anderson said.

"At least I know what I am looking for," resident Michael Meyer said.

Those with kids and grandchildren are thankful they have a description and are stepping up their awareness.

"We all are going to continue to be vigilant and keep an eye on each other and the neighborhood to make sure these people are caught," Kelling said.

If the van is seen, or other suspicious activity is observed, you are urged to contact the Oak Creek Police Department at 414-762-8200. If you wish to remain anonymous Crime Stoppers can be contacted at 414-766-7699.