“He hit something, but didn’t see what it was:” Probation for man convicted in Mount Pleasant hit-and-run

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Abrey Mayweather

RACINE — A Racine man convicted in connection with a September 2016 hit-and-run in Mount Pleasant has been sentenced.

24-year-old Abrey Mayweather in June pleaded no contest to one count of hit-and-run involving injury.

In court on Monday, August 14th, Mayweather was sentenced to serve nine months in the Racine County Jail — which was imposed and stayed, and Mayweather was instead placed on probation for two years.

He was ordered to serve 60 days in the Racine County Jail — conditional time, and that was also stayed.

In a separate case, Mayweather was charged with possession of THC and bail jumping. He pleaded guilty to the possession of THC charge, and was sentenced to serve five days in the Racine County Jail, and pay a $100 fine plus court costs. This is to be served consecutive to the other sentence.

According to a criminal complaint, on September 20th, 2016, police were dispatched to Highway 32, just north of County Line Road in Mount Pleasant following a report of a man who had been shot.

There were three men at the scene. The complaint indicates one man appeared to be in shock. A second appeared to have a graze wound to his calf. The third man was sitting in the median with a shirt on his face — screaming that he’d been shot in the face. All three were taken to the hospital.

The complaint indicates a large amount of glass was found at the scene, along with the black plastic backing to a driver’s side mirror.

At the hospital, it was determined these men hadn’t been shot, but were instead hurt in a crash.

Kenosha County Sheriff’s officials were soon notified of a suspicious vehicle in the backyard of a home in Somers, with damage to its front windshield. Police responded to the scene, ad noted that the windshield had an impression in the broken glass similar to the size of a person’s head. The driver’s side front and rear windows were broken, and officers noticed what appeared to be blood embedded in the broken front windshield.

Hit-and-run in Mount Pleasant

Hit-and-run in Mount Pleasant

According to the complaint, investigators learned Mayweather had been cited in this vehicle on several occasions. The vehicle was found registered to a man who is nearly 100 years old. It was learned Mayweather was the primary driver of this vehicle, and had left home prior to 7:00 a.m. on September 20th.

Mayweather was interviewed on September 20th, and said he was driving to work around 4:30 a.m. when he “hit something, but he did not see what it was.” Mayweather said he “didn’t know he had hit a person until he saw the news.”

Vehicle involved in hit-and-run in Mount Pleasant

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