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“Blood everywhere:” 15-year-old boy taken into custody following knife attack in Cudahy

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CUDAHY -- It was a bloody scene as two teens fought in Cudahy Monday night, August 14th. A 15-year-old boy was taken into custody following a knife attack that happened in the area of Kingan and Lunham -- another boy is recovering from stab wounds.

Police say the fight happened around 9:30 p.m., and neighbors ran out of their house to help stop it.

"'I'm going to kill you' -- super loud. I'm like, 'no -- let's go check it out.' I was walking and you hear the scream like, 'help! He's going to kill me,'" said Michael Kriewaldt.

As screams came from the alley, Sara Mackay called 911.

"When I came out here, they were struggling. The big kid was head-locking the little guy that stabbed him," said Mackay.

Kriewaldt tried to break it up.

Michael Kriewaldt

"I was grabbing him. The little kid had the knife, so he got away when we were trying to care of the bigger guy," said Kriewaldt.

Cudahy police said two 15-year-old boys were walking in the alley when they scuffled. One stabbed the other numerous times.

"Blood everywhere," said Kriewaldt.

After calling 911, Mackay ran and got a towel -- telling the victim to sit until paramedics arrived. 

Sara Mackay

"We didn't see it at first. Then we broke them up, and he turned around and you saw blood everywhere," said Mackay.

There aren't many answers as to why two friends would end up in a vicious fight -- except for what those who helped overheard.

"'He was my best friend' and everything. He wouldn't let him go. Little kid said he was paranoid," said Kriewaldt.

While the teen with the knife ran, police were able to arrest him soon after the stabbing. He's been referred to juvenile court.

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