“Could’ve been dead:” Woman brutally attacked during attempted carjacking; no one helped

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Gas station attack near 27th and Capitol

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee woman was thrown to the ground and brutally assaulted outside a Milwaukee gas station, and witnesses turned a blind eye. It happened Sunday night, August 13th.

The violent scene was captured by surveillance cameras, so the victim hopes the suspects involved can be identified. She suffered serious injuries, and what she endured was atrocious.

"A girl took my hair with both hands. Grabbed my by my hair. Just started slamming me. Some guy started stomping on me," said Sharon McKinnie, victim.

McKinnie was attacked at the Citgo gas station located on 27th and Capitol.

Gas station attack near 27th and Capitol

"They came out of the blue and started fighting me," said McKinnie.

Gas station attack near 27th and Capitol

Sharon McKinnie

McKinnie is seen on surveillance video attempting to protect and defend herself as she was punched and kicked.

"She was trying to get my car. She has my car keys," said McKinnie.

All the while, customers can be seen in the video walking past the violent scene, ignoring McKinnie's struggle. One man -- known to panhandle in the area -- can be seen sitting on a crate. He never budges to help.

"The guy outside told me if I were to get him some change, he probably would have helped," said McKinnie.


"My soda fell. He ended up drinking my soda," said McKinnie.

The inaction and actions of those caught on camera seem heartless.

"I have to have surgery. They tore up everything in my shoulder," said McKinnie.

Sharon McKinnie

Suffering from a broken shoulder, fractured elbow and bruises, McKinnie said she feared the worst.

"I could have been dead and gone. Instead of stomping me, he could have been shooting me," said McKinnie.

The manager of the Citgo said staff has had problems with theft, robbery and other crime.

"This is a very horrible situation," said Anand Mirle, Citgo manager. "They try to steal. They come with a knife and then some with a gun. My coworker, they tried to stab a couple of weeks ago."

Anand Mirle

Mirle and McKinnie said they hope the suspects are caught -- and other criminals take note that they're being watched.

"If you don't seek justice, this will continue to happen," said McKinnie.

Both the staff and customers have asked that if you recognize the suspects and know who they are, you call police with tips. We're told the trio was standing outside the gas station for a while, possibly waiting for a target.

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