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17-year-old boy gets probation for his role in threatening Beaver Dam High School

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Dylan Graf

BEAVER DAM — 17-year-old Dylan Graf of Beaver Dam was sentenced on Friday, August 18th for his role in threatening a school shooting in May.

Graf pleaded no contest to one count of making a terrorist threat and one count of unlawful use of a computerized communication system. The court placed Graf on a felony deferred prosecution agreement on the terrorist threat charge — and sentenced him to a year of probation on the computer charge. In addition, Graf is not allowed contact with Beaver Dam School District properties.

The criminal complaint in this case includes the text of one of the emails sent to the assistant principal at Beaver Dam High School:

“I plan to enter the proximity of your board of education tomorrow with hatred within my grasp. With a pistol in one hand, and the button that shall set off several explosive materials in the other. You don’t understand, how much I (expletive) despite the students at this school. I am bullied over and over again. I hate all of you. I try to make friends and all that succeeds is the constant torment I suffer. Nothing could make me happier than seeing the splatter of intestines among the school lockers. Every teacher will fear me. I’ll rape the bodies of the innocent. My enemies families will cry once told their little Scotty was exterminated. You’re all (expletive). Don’t try and stop me. There’s no way to find out who I am. I advise you to be prepared tomorrow. I’ll be executing my plan during fifth period. So long, and goodnight.”

As a result of Graf’s threat, Beaver Dam school officials called off classes and law enforcement traced the email to Graf and two other juveniles — one who lived in Las Vegas. All three were apprehended.

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