“It’s frustrating:” Fight at Milwaukee’s Clarke Square Park leaves 5 stabbed

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MILWAUKEE -- Police say parents were confronting a group of kids at a south side Milwaukee park before a fight broke out sending five people to the hospital with stab and laceration wounds Monday night, August 21st.

It's still an active investigation.  Police are not yet saying how a confrontation escalated into a multiple stabbing. The majority of the witnesses to this incident are children. The District's Alderman says this is a case of bad parenting.

Clarke Square Park stabbing

The incident happened at Clarke Square Park, a place where children of the neighborhood regularly come to play changed to squad cars and police tape surrounding the park.

Clarke Square Park stabbing

"They came back crying that they saw a couple of kids bleeding in the park," a Milwaukee mother said.

The 30-year-old Milwaukee mother said her children are among many kids who witnessed the stabbing.

"It's scary my baby saw one of the persons injured and he was up all night," the mother said.

According to police, a 33-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man have been arrested. Both are parents who police say went to the park to confront those involved in an earlier dispute with their child. Police say the suspects were in possession of a knife. Alderman Bob Donovan says this is unacceptable.

Alderman Bob Donovan

"It's frustrating to me that anyone would react that way," Alderman Donovan said.

Four of the victims are kids ages 13-17. All male. The other victim is a 33-year-old woman.

"Her face was bleeding all right here was all red," 13-year-old witness Empress Robinson said.

Robinson says she witnessed the confrontation while taking her siblings to the park. Several of the victims are her friends.

Clarke Square Park stabbing

"You don't want to see people you hold close to your heart get stabbed," Robinson said.

Her father, Brandon Robinson, can't wrap his head around what would possess parents to confront kids with a knife.

"f you felt there was a problem, you could have notified authorities. If you felt there was going to be a problem, you should've notified the other kids' parents," Brandon said. "It should have been two parents arguing versus parents and children."

Many parents are requesting an increase in police presence in the neighborhood.  Alderman Donovan says he's waiting to hear more information on the incident from police to figure out the next course of action.