“Tragic event:” Police ID part that led to fatal motorcycle crash, ask for public’s help

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Motorcycle crash on I-41

MENOMONEE FALLS -- The Menomonee Falls Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in the investigation of a fatal motorcycle crash that occurred on Thursday, August 10th.

“This was a tragic event," said Captain of Protective Services Jeff Knop. "And the police department is doing everything that we can to try to determine the exact factors that led to the crash, and hopefully bring some closure for the family.”

The investigation has indicated that a motorcyclist struck road debris in the left lane on I-41 near Pilgrim Road in Menomonee Falls prior to losing control and crashing. The motorcyclist has been identified as Steven Klink of Hartford.

The debris that Klink struck has been identified as a black “standard four-inch sliding winch.” This device is used in conjunction with straps in securing loads, often to flatbed semi-trailers, and may have fallen from a trailer prior to the crash. The device was manufactured by ANCRA International.

Captain of Protective Services Jeff Knop

“If there’s someone who does routine work on trucks or trailers and has recently worked on one where one of these devices was missing," Knop said. "They too could call our department and we would investigate further to see if we could conclude exactly how this crash was caused.”

Anyone having information that may lead to the identification of the vehicle / trailer from which this device may have originated is asked to contact the Menomonee Falls Police Department at 262-532-8700.

Motorcycle crash on I-41

Meanwhile, officials say the public is encouraged to report road debris especially that along highways with elevated speed limits, so that it can be safely removed by law enforcement or highway maintenance personnel.

“We don’t ask anyone to remove debris themselves," Knop said. "But call law enforcement, let them know where it is and describe it as best they can. And then law enforcement or highway personnel will remove it safely.”