“We can’t live in fear:” Suspects on the run after breaking into at least 15 garages in Jackson Park area

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police hope newly-released surveillance images will help them find three suspects they believe are responsible for at least 15 garage burglaries in the Jackson Park neighborhood on the city's south side.

Police say the majority of the burglaries happened between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. on August 17th. The incidents happened between S. 38th and S. 49th -- and W. Manitoba to W. Cleveland. In some of the cases, the thieves took items from the garage or even items inside cars within those garages.

At least 15 garages broken into in Jackson Park neighborhood

Surveillance images at one of the burglaries captured three male suspects on video and a minivan they believe was used as the getaway car.

Jayne Cunningham said Tuesday she's concerned after her neighbor was hit by the thieves.

"It's sad to hear that and that so many people were affected," Cunningham said, "It was kind of scary to hear, you know? Nothing had happened to mine so I was already at work when a neighbor texted me and let me know this had happened."

At least 15 garages broken into in Jackson Park neighborhood

Police say the burglars hit alleys on at least five different blocks, taking items from the garages and the cars inside. Neighbors in the Jackson Park area say crime typically is not something they worry about.

At least 15 garages broken into in Jackson Park neighborhood

"I walk almost every day in the neighborhood and I never feel any fear or any problems. I'm not afraid of anything here," said Janet Hughes, who lives in the targeted area.

While neighbors said they're frustrated by the thefts, they say they're still proud of where they live and believe communication among neighbors here will help lead to police finding the burglars.

"We can't live in fear. We can't let them take away the joy and the peace we have living in this neighborhood," Cunningham said.

Police recommend people lock their garage side doors and keep their cars locked, even inside the garage. Officials in District 6 say they're working with police in West Allis and Greenfield to see if recent garage burglaries there are connected to these.

Anyone with information is asked to call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7360.