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“We’re devastated:” Card box stolen from reception, leaving newlyweds frustrated

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MAYVILLE -- A Dodge County couple's first day as husband and wife was ruined after the newlyweds realized their card box from the wedding was stolen.

While the couple is enjoying a honeymoon, the groom's mom and best man are trying to track down the person responsible. They say it's not about getting the money back, it's about reading the heartfelt messages in those cards -- and at the very least, warning others.

What began as a dream wedding day for Ryan Koll and Amber Burtard at the Mayville Golf Course, turned into a terrible nightmare.

Pam Koll

"We're sad, we're disappointed, we're devastated," said Pam Koll, the groom's mother.

Pam Koll was one of a dozen guests left at the end of the August 19th wedding reception who was helping put gifts in the couple's truck. The second-to-last item loaded into the back seat was the card box full of hundreds of well wishes from family and friends.

"It was not locked that last trip we made. So it had to be within a minute's time that those cards were gone," Pam Koll said.

The next day, Ryan and Amber realized someone had stolen all of their cards.

Peter Graf

"He devotes all of his time to help others -- and for someone to take this from him is just unthinkable," said Peter Graf, the best man.

Graf said the newlyweds are always putting their community first. Ryan is an assistant fire chief and Amber is an EMT for the Theresa volunteer fire department.

With no idea who could be behind the theft, Mayville police are now investigating.

Meanwhile, Graf and Koll are sharing the story in the hopes of sparing another couple the same heartache.

"I really don't want to see it happen to anybody else. Guard those cards with your life," Koll said.

"It's not like a birthday. You're not having another wedding," Graf said.

Anyone with information on this crime is urged to contact the Mayville Police Department.


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