Caught on camera: 2 suspects sought after man beaten, robbed at gunpoint near 76th and Morgan

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MILWAUKEE -- Two suspects broke into an apartment on the city's southwest side where police say they beat an 18-year-old man and robbed him and his girlfriend at gunpoint.

It happened around 1:40 a.m. Thursday, August 24th.

The victim's brother lives in Florida, and says he woke up to text messages early Thursday morning from his brother, saying someone tried to kill him. Milwaukee police are on the case but he hopes the community can help identify these suspects.

Surveillance video captured two men lurking in front of the property near 76th and Morgan. They are seen pacing back and forth, talking to each other before finally making their way into the balcony of the apartment building.

Home invasion, beating near 76th and Morgan

Little did they know, they were being watched.

"I woke up and saw nine or 10 different text messages saying, 'They broke into my house and tried to kill me please call me,'" said Zavier Rodriguez, victim's brother.

Milwaukee police say they are investigating an armed robbery at one of the apartment units. The victim is an 18-year-old man. He was beaten and robbed at gunpoint. In a phone interview, Rodriguez says his brother thought he was going to die when a gun was pointed at his head.

"They dragged him by his feet out of the bed and they start beating him real bad with the bottom of the gun, both of them," said Rodriguez.

The victim was living with his girlfriend and her mother. They experienced a break-in just two days ago, when they weren't home. Police say they are also investigating that incident.

Rodriguez advised his younger brother to upgrade security.

"That's the best idea I ever told him was to get the camera," Rodriguez said.

That camera captured the first suspect's face. As he makes moves around the balcony after checking things out, he gives a thumbs up to his accomplice.

The next recording shows the first suspect, who decided to cover his face with his hoodie, waiting for the second suspect to make his way over the balcony. That suspect did not cover his face.

The two are seen slowly making their way in -- one of them seen armed with a gun.

Home invasion, beating near 76th and Morgan

The victim told his brother he does not recognize the suspects, or know the motive behind the robberies.

"That's why I'm trying to put this out to the public so we can get some type of justice," said Rodriguez.

Here's who police are looking for:

Suspect #1 is described as a Hispanic male, around 19-20 years old, approximately 5’8” tall, with a medium build and facial hair. He was last seen wearing dark jeans and a white or gray sweatshirt.

Suspect #2 is described as a black male, around 19-20 years-old, approximately 5’10” tall, with a muscular build. He was last seen wearing a gray or white hooded sweatshirt and tan boots.

Anyone with information is asked to call Milwaukee Police at 414-935-7360.