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Harvey shuts down oil refineries in Texas, which impacts gas prices in Wisconsin

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MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin drivers may have to brace for higher gas prices due to Harvey -- and trucking companies may feel the brunt of it. But one business owner that spoke with FOX6 News says he is skeptical of a price surge.

Oil refineries in Texas have been forced to shut down -- which is expected to have a ripple effect on gas prices across the country, including in Wisconsin. When your business lives on the road, you take notice.

C.J. Lieber

C.J. Lieber manages a towing and transport service in Milwaukee. His fleet is small, but the cost is not.

"It runs about 150 bucks to fill this up," Lieber said. "You know, the best one here gets nine miles to the gallon."

Lieber keeps three large wreckers gassed up. He asks if fuel prices are expected to go up, why haven't they done so already?

"I honestly would have thought if we were going to get it, we would have seen it right away," Lieber said.

Lieber hopes it does not came to that. But if prices move 50 cents a gallon or more, then he has to make changes.

"Yeah, you don't have any choice," Lieber said.

Lieber has been in business for more than 20 years and weathered many storms. He learned long ago when prices fluctuate, he has to keep a level head.

"You've kind of seen it all, one way or another, you've seen it all," Lieber said.

Right now, the average price of a gallon of gas is $2.35. CLICK HERE to visit the Gas Price Tracker.