“If they did their job…” Family blames security for man’s death in triple shooting at Kaña nightclub

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MILWAUKEE -- Family members of a 20-year-old man shot and killed inside a nightclub on Milwaukee's south side Saturday, August 26th say he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and he shouldn't have been in the club in the first place.

Ernestina Ortega

"I feel like part of me is gone. I lost my baby," Ernestina Ortega said.

When gunfire erupted inside a bar near 5th and National Early Sunday, Ernestina Ortega's son, Angel was killed. Two others were hurt.

"We are together trying to stick together, keep our heads up for him," Esperanza Ortega, Angel's sister said.

Experanza Ortega said her brother's death has rocked the family.

Angel Ortega

5th and National

"It's like, a big loss. We never imagined we would lose someone so young," Esperanza Ortega said.


Police said the triple shooting happened around 1:45 a.m. Saturday at Kaña. Cell phone cameras captured the moment shots rang out.

"Said a fight broke off in the VIP section and people started shooting. I had a gut feeling something was wrong," Andres Delgado, Angel Ortega's brother said.

Delgado said he and his brother went to the club on Friday night, and claimed he was turned away because of the dress code, but as for 20-year-old Ortega...

"Both of them moved, just like this, and my brother walked straight in," Delgado said.

"If they actually did their job and ID'd him, then they would have found out that he didn't even have an ID on him. If they did their job and searched, they would have found a weapon," Marcos Delgado said.

Angel Ortega

Angel Ortega's family is now remembering a young man who they say was happy and loved to laugh.

"(An arrest) would help bring some sort of closure for us, knowing there's other people out there who care about him and are willing to show support,"  Esperanza Ortega said.

5th and National

5th and National

Family members gathered for a vigil Monday evening in Ortega's honor. There, Ortega's father said he's trying to be strong for his family, and he's seen an outpouring of support from everyone who knew his son.

Heriberto Coronado

"It's been real hard. Right now it's just crying non-stop. Non-stop," Heriberto Coronado said.

Coronado said he raised Angel Ortega since he was one.

"I have really good memories of everything we had together. It is still hitting us hard," Coronado said. "Why they would let him go into a place that is supposed to be enforced with security and have people ID'd? He was a real nice guy. Everybody loved him. I wouldn't wish this on anyone."

Vigil for Angel Ortega

Vigil for Angel Ortega

Meanwhile, the family has established a GoFundMe.com account to help with funeral expenses.

Ortega was one of eight children, so donations are needed.

Angel Ortega

Anyone with information as to the identity of the shooter is asked to call police.