Flash flood watch for multiple counties Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning

“Making sure they can survive:” Milwaukee church steps up for sister parish in TX after Harvey

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MILWAUKEE -- Church officials in Milwaukee are helping their sister parish in Texas impacted by Tropical Storm Harvey.

"Our church was about halfway under water," Rev. Tory Topjian with Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church said.

Pictures show the damage to Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church in Houston.

Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church

"They still cannot get into church property. The water has not subsided enough to even see what damages have affected the congregation of the church," Topjian said.

Rev. Tory Topjian

Topjian leads the sister parish in Milwaukee, and has asked his congregation to step up.

"Thinking what would happen if we were five feet under water and how would we react," Topjian said.

The church will be accepting donations beginning Sunday, September 3rd.

"The money will go to help make sure they have food and clothing and can survive," Topjian said.

Topjian said money is the best way to help, so people aren't overwhelmed with supplies they don't need.

Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church

"The water supply down there is nothing. Food is at a minimum. Premium prices on getting food," Topjian said.

This isn't the first time this church has sent help. A sister parish in Louisiana flooded last year.

Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church

Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church

"This church comes together in crisis.  Sent clothing and blankets and things they were needing as well as monetary contributions to help them get through their rebuild," Topjian said.

Topjian said it's important to keep that sense of caring, even in times of calm.

Tropical Storm Harvey

"What would Jesus do if he was here? What would be the Christian or whatever faith tradition you are, what would be the most giving and loving way to help somebody or be part of a community and make sure someone is not without?" Topjian said.

Topjian said donations will help everyone in the community -- not just members of the congregation.

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