Oak Creek, Shorewood police release video after unlocked vehicles targeted by criminals

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OAK CREEK/SHOREWOOD — Two police departments in the Milwaukee area have issued warnings after several unlocked vehicles were targeted by criminals.

Oak Creek police on Wednesday, August 30th posted video from one of the incidents:

Police said incidents like this have happened over the past few nights, and said the suspects “look to be well versed in how they’re entering vehicles to steal valuables, with about three to four actors going to several vehicles at the same time, and one driver in a light-colored car.”

Shorewood police also shared video Wednesday of an incident in their jurisdiction:

Police said these crimes have been happening over the last two weeks, and there have been 11 entry to vehicle complaints involving unlocked cars — with the thieves getting away with at least two laptops and an iPhone 7.

The video shared by SPD was provided by a homeowner, and shows a suspect checking the doors on two parked vehicles, which were locked, so the suspect moved on.

Police noted that from the start of the video until the time the suspect leaves is a duration of about 10 seconds.

“We cannot stress enough the importance of locking vehicles when they are unattended,” police said.

Forced entries (broken windows) are very rare, police said, but will occur when there is an item or items of interest in plain view in the vehicle. By far, the vast majority of vehicle entries and stolen vehicles this year stemmed from unlocked vehicles, according to police.

One person has been taken into custody in connection with the incidents in Shorewood.