House Speaker Paul Ryan tours machine shop in Greendale after stop in Janesville

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Speaker Paul Ryan

GREENDALE — Speaker of the House Paul Ryan hosted events in Wisconsin to promote a plan to overhaul the tax system and discuss the opioid abuse epidemic as Congress prepares to return from its summer break.

Ryan took taking questions from employees at Kinetic, which makes industrial knives in Greendale. He told workers that President Trump and Republicans in Congress were largely in agreement on a plan to cut taxes on businesses and individuals.

“Are we going to do more to push the Trump agenda? He voted for President Trump, wants to make sure his agenda gets done, and are we going to see it get done? Right? That’s basically your question? The answer is yes,” Ryan said.

Speaker Paul Ryan at Kinetic in Greendale

Ryan blamed the Republican Senate for failing to advance many bills the House has passed. But he said he hopes the Senate will still pass a Republican health care bill soon.

Earlier in the day he was in Janesville, his hometown, to listen to emergency responders dealing with opioid overdoses in the area.

Congress is returning to work next week with a long list of to-do items, including raising the debt limit, funding the government and providing assistance for the Harvey recovery effort. That’s all in addition to the tax reform plan Ryan wants to pass.