“It’s very stressful:” Parents upset over possibility of closing Daniel Webster Secondary School

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Daniel Webster Secondary School

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee Public School is closing their doors less than a month into the semester. School officials say low enrollment led to this decision for Daniel Webster Secondary School. The school will be closed effective September 1st.

MPS officials say they are working with families to choose the right MPS school to transfer their children to after the Labor Day weekend. Parents wish they had more notice of the closure.

Daniel Webster Secondary School

"It's very stressful," said Theresa Brown, parent of MPS student.

Theresa Brown picked up her children for the last time at Daniel Webster Secondary School on the city's north side. Letters and phone calls alerted parents the school is closing.

Daniel Webster Secondary School

"I got a phone call this morning saying they were going to be switched to a different school," Brown said.

MPS officials say the closure is due to a 40 percent enrollment. MPS released the following statement:

“MPS is committed to ensuring that all children have the highest quality education possible and every chance for success,” said MPS Superintendent Darienne Driver in a statement provided to FOX6 News. “Webster’s enrollment was not sufficient enough to provide the robust academic programs every student in Milwaukee Public Schools deserves. This was a difficult, but necessary decision.”

Officials on Thursday, say this was not an easy choice.

Daniel Webster Secondary School

"We made a decision that was a difficult decision but it was a decision that was in the best interest of the students," said Denise Callaway, MPS spokeswoman.

All staff members will also be reassigned to other MPS schools.

"In all honesty, the principal said if we don't get the numbers up they may close the school," said a Daniel Webster Secondary School teacher.

Teachers at the school say they want to keep their students encouraged through the transition.

"I've been talking to them yesterday, asking them where are you going... just study hard do well like you've been doing here -- just encourage them well wherever they go," said a Daniel Webster Secondary School teacher.

Daniel Webster Secondary School

MPS officials say they are working with families to enroll students before the end of the holiday weekend. Parents and guardians wish there was more of a notice to this closure.

"To get everything together for the students and now you have to change the schools. I mean that's kind of upsetting," said an aunt of a MPS student.

There are two meetings parents should know about happening Thursday night, August 31st: one is an informational meeting for parents happening at the school at 5:30 p.m. -- at 6:30 p.m., the school board will meet where the official vote to close the school will be made.