MPS board votes to keep Daniel Webster Secondary School open

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Daniel Webster Secondary School

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee Public School set to close their doors will remain open. The Milwaukee Board of School Directors voted unanimously on the decision late Thursday, August 31st.

The school board voted to keep Daniel Webster Secondary School open, but some students will still be transitioned to other schools.

The board voted to keep sixth, seventh and eighth graders at Webster for the school year that begins on Tuesday. High school students, however, will be sent to other MPS facilities.

Parents of Webster sixth, seventh and eighth graders who previously picked new schools for their children when they thought Webster was closing, will still have the option of attending the new school.

Daniel Webster Secondary School

This was all considered at the last minute, because enrollment numbers are way down at Webster. Target enrollment is 625 students. As of Thursday, they're operating at only 40 percent of that.

The teachers responsible for high school students will now go to other MPS schools.

There was some urgency to make this decision, because it was the last day of classes at Webster before the Labor Day holiday.

Webster students started early, on August 14th, and had already been in class.

Tuesday, September 5th marks the start of the new term district-wide.

Daniel Webster Secondary School

"Do not walk out on our students ever. We don't ever break their trust, we don't break out promises," said a person at the board meeting.

This will likely be a confusing holiday weekend for parents who may be unsure what this all means for their children.

MPS will send emails and robocalls to all parents on Friday. They are also expected to reach out to impacted families directly.