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“A little piece of normalcy back in their lives:” Guy & O’Neill donates cleaning supplies to Houston

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Guy & O'Neill makes supplies for Harvey victims

FREDONIA -- It's something that many of us take for granted: being able to rinse off and stay clean. But for many victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, it's a luxury they aren't able to have -- until now.  A company in Fredonia is answering that call for help.

Inside the fast-moving plant, crews are putting together the last bit of sanitation supplies to send down to Houston, Texas.

"It's a company that cares, and not just with our own folks or our customers, but we have to look nationally. And those folks down in Houston... they've really taken a beating," Guy & O'Neill President Tom Misgen said.

Guy & O'Neill makes supplies for Harvey victims

Guy & O'Neill manufactures and distributes cleaning supplies to companies all over the country. Executives say when it comes to donating to disaster relief, items like this aren't often the most popular item to donate.

"We've got people down there that we know need this kind of stuff. So it's really just one of those things that we just do," Guy & O'Neill Director of Operations, John Vavra, said.

It's not yet clear who's going to be receiving the material once they get down to Houston, but they're going to be working with the J.J. Watt Foundation and the Red Cross to make sure the materials get in the hands of people who need it.

Guy & O'Neill makes supplies for Harvey victims

"Disinfectant wipes, bath wipes, cleaning wipes, personal hygiene wipes, and that kind of thing," Vavra said will be donated.

Guy & O'Neill makes supplies for Harvey victims

The commercial retail value of the products being sent down there is roughly $200-thousand.

"A little piece of normalcy back in their lives. I can imagine there are people who have not had the luxury of a shower in a week or so, and these products give them the opportunity to push that reset button," Misgen said.

Trying to provide a sense of home, and comfort, from their family in Wisconsin to the families down there. The semi-truck is shipping out on Tuesday, September 5th and it will take about two days to get down to Texas, before it can be unloaded and given to people in need.

Guy & O'Neill makes supplies for Harvey victims

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