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“It needs to stop:” Pregnant woman, her sister, involved in hit-and-run crash near 26th and Locust

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MILWAUKEE -- A pregnant woman and children were left on the side of the road after a vehicle slammed into the car they were in. FOX6 spoke with victims who say it was a hit-and-run and want to share their message for the driver and others involved in similar crimes.

Shanice Williams

"This is wrong. It needs to stop. Stolen cars and hit-and-runs are becoming a trend in Milwaukee. It needs to stop," pregnant victim, Shanice Williams, said.

Mangled metal and broken glass are what remains of the red Buick.

"The back is completely out," victim of the hit-and-run, Samantha Allen, said.

Williams and Allen were jolted Thursday night, August 31st.

The sisters say they were parked on 26th Street, between Hadley and Locust, when they were blindsided by a car speeding out of the alley.

"I heard the screeching tires coming through the alley," Allen said.

Samantha Allen

"They hit us so hard they shattered my phone," Williams said.

The sisters, along with their young children who were sitting in the back, were rocked by the impact.

"My main concern was the kids," Williams said.

Williams' worried about the kids who were crying and also her unborn child.

"My blood pressure went up. I went into a shocking feeling," Williams said. "This pregnancy means a lot to me and I'm thankful my baby still has a heartbeat."

Thankfully everyone walked away with only bumps and bruises, but the victims say the hurtful part, was that the suspects bailed.

"I jumped out my car. The teenager was trying to back the car and leave. The other two jumped out and ran," Allen said.

Williams snapped a quick photo of the vehicle. Though its a little blurry, Allen said it looked like a 2007 white Volkswagen truck.

Allen believes the suspects are three teenagers around the age of 17. The sisters hope they and others who commit similar crimes realize the severity of their actions.

"You didn't care and didn't want to deal with the consequences, that's why you left," Williams said. "Stop doing this. It's too much."

If you know anything about the suspects or vehicle involved, you're asked to call Milwaukee police.

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