“It’s our day:” Union workers rally at Laborfest, express solidarity

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MILWAUKEE -- Labor Day was a day to celebrate if you asked one of hundreds who gathered at Laborfest at Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee. Union workers came from all across southeast Wisconsin to show solidarity.

The festivities began with a traditional parade through downtown Milwaukee. Workers from various labor unions marched with tools of their trades until they reached Maier Festival Park and gathered.

Labor Day parade 2017

Ross Winklbauer represents United Steelworkers.

Labor Day parade 2017

"It's our day. It means everything," Winklbauer said. "As long as we stick together as working men and women, they can never silence us. We'll always be there. We'll always be fighting, and we'll make damn sure our people are represented."

Bill Cebolski brought his entire family to Laborfest

"It's union strong. Sticking together to earn a wage where we can support our families," Cebolski said.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D - Milwaukee)

Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D - Milwaukee) encouraged the crowd.

"Brothers and sisters. We're still here -- despite all of the efforts to undermine organized labor. We are still here," Moore said. "Back to the battlefield to fight for the values of working men and women. And I know that I will have the wind beneath my wings as I stand there that will give me the courage to continue to fight."