Prosecutors: Man preyed on 2 elderly women, pistol whipping and carjacking 1 of them

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FLORIDA -- A Florida man is accused of pistol whipping and dragging an elderly woman, and deputies say he held another elderly woman at gunpoint.

"I just feel for her though, especially when they pistol whipped her, they say," Dennis Smith, the victim's neighbor said.

The disgusting crime happened in the middle of the day. Prosecutors say an accused crook preyed on two elderly women. The first, an 82-year-old woman, was held at gunpoint in a Home Depot parking lot.

Five minutes later, a 74-year-old was held at gunpoint in the parking lot next door. Officials say the suspect shoved a gun in the woman's face and told her to drive, or else.

According to the arrest report, deputies say the suspect told the woman to stop at a stop sign and get out of the car, but when she refused, deputies say he pistol whipped her, pushing her out of the car. They say he then got into the driver's seat, dragging her until she rolled into the grass, and he took off.

DOT cameras were rolling as deputies soon caught up with the suspect, cornering him on the highway and hauling him off to jail.

Todd Erskine, 42, made his first appearance before a judge Monday morning, September 4th on several charges, including aggravated abuse of the elderly.

Smith lives right down the street from where the woman was carjacked.

"I was thinking about my wife at the time, because she always out there somewhere, and she just don't be looking around paying attention," Smith said.