“Seconds and it was gone:” Car stolen from woman pumping gas near 84th and Hampton

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MILWAUKEE -- A West Allis father is on a mission to find his daughter's car that was stolen while she was standing just inches away pumping gas.

A picture shared with FOX6 News Wednesday, September 6th was once a source of pride. It shows a young woman standing next to her brand new Toyota.

"She got out for that couple of seconds and it was gone," said Al Jacobson, the woman's father.

Jacobson's daughter was still too shaken to share what happened Tuesday afternoon, September 5th. He said she was filling up at the Speedway near 84th and Hampton, when the 21-year-old noticed a group of people pull up behind her. As the pump stopped, she left her keys in the ignition while she removed the nozzle.

Speedway near 84th and Hampton

Speedway near 84th and Hampton

"The guy jumped in her car, started it and started to take off," said Jacobson.

Jacobson said a young man who appeared to be in his 20s drove away in his daughter's car. The concerned father immediately posted to social media -- asking his followers for help.

"Meaner than a junkyard dog. I just don't want to put up with it anymore. It just happens all over," said Jacobson.

One Facebook user directed him to Courtland and North Houston, where a home's security cameras captured four people carrying items from a white car to Jacobson's daughter's car.

Al Jacobson

"By the time we got there again, they switched cars. Left another stolen car there, which the police department had towed," Jacobson said.

Police are searching for the vehicle and the suspects. Jacobson said he's hopeful the Toyota will turn up eventually. In the meantime, he said his family has learned a valuable lesson.

"When you go to that gas station, you need to lock your car and put your keys in your pocket," said Jacobson.