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Minion stands proud atop building in Milwaukee, grins at drivers passing by

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MILWAUKEE — He grins at drivers passing over Milwaukee’s highrise bridge — rain or shine. But did you know there’s a story behind the giant Minion standing proud atop a ten-story building near 6th and Canal?

Minion atop Buzzi Unicem, Milwaukee

Matthew Stork

The Minion atop that building is actually an air tank that sits atop the building owned by Buzzi Unicem USA in Milwaukee. The tank was installed last year. As Matthew Stork, a manager at Buzzi Unicem USA told FOX6 News, the tank looked like a Minion so the company decided to paint it like one.

At the time the tank was getting painted, Stork said an employee at Buzzi Unicem lost his nine-year-old son, Sam. Sam was fan of the Minion movies. So, in memory of Sam, Buzzi Unicem is having a plaque made in memory of him — and that plaque will be installed on the tank.

Minion atop Buzzi Unicem, Milwaukee

Again, the Minion is visible from the highrise bridge (I-43). The building is just west of the Harley-Davidson Museum.