Support for Hurricane Harvey victims continues at Fox River Church in Waukesha

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Fox River Church Harvey donation

WAUKESHA -- Even as Hurricane Irma leaves a path of destruction, people continue to give to those left devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The Fox River Christian Church in Waukesha, is collecting donations for those victims.

The Fox River Church has been collecting items since last week. Everything from diapers to soap. They say every little bit helps.

"There's always something you can do no matter how far or how close you are," said Yancy Suber, made donation.

Fox River Church Harvey donation

One by one people stopped by to donate at the church on Saturday, September 9th.

"It's basic necessities: shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toys, stuffed animals to give to the kids," said Suber.

Giving to those more than a thousand miles away who are in desperate need of generosity.

"You never know when it's going to be yourself that's in a bad situation and if you can give, why not," said Janelle Brown, made donation.

Hurricane Harvey left devastation in parts of Texas and Louisiana. Homes were flooded and lives were lost.

"I work for waste management and I know our headquarters was hit down there really bad and so a lot of our people are struggling," said Brown.

For Brown, there was never any hesitation to help. She there was never any hesitation to help.

"We're one nation and it's important that we help each other," said Brown.

The items will be put into a truck and driven to Texas on Monday.

Fox River Church Harvey donation

"If it's five pallets of goods or two truckloads of goods, it will still be a great thing," said Executive Pastor Mark Roberts, Fox River Church.

Mark Roberts

Executive Pastor Mark Roberts organized the collection. He says as Hurricane Irma now heads toward Florida, his church is ready to step up again if needed.

"We'll see what the actual impact becomes and how we can respond best," said Roberts.

A caring community willing to be there when it's important -- hopeful others will do the same.

"Best wishes to the folks that are experiencing these issues and Lord willing, God will see them through it," said Suber.

Organizers aren't sure exactly how much will be collected, but the truck is filling up. The collection continues through Sunday afternoon.

Fox River Church Harvey donation