Honoring veterans one step at a time in 2nd annual Dryhootch Salute to Service 5K

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MILWAUKEE -- A fundraiser is kicking off Sunday morning, September 10th, to help support local veterans. Dryhootch is teaming up with the Milwaukee Fire Department and the Milwaukee Police Department, to host the 2nd Annual Dryhootch Salute to Service 5K. This event is an opportunity to honor and remember all those who serve and protect our neighborhoods, communities, and country.

About Dryhootch (website)

Dryhootch is a place where Veterans can gather informally in a coffee house; a safe, comfortable, drug-and-alcohol-free environment.

What is Dryhootch?

Dryhootch is a nonprofit 501c3 organization formed by combat Veterans to help Veterans in their return home.

How did it start?

The idea revolved around the creation of a retail coffee shop run by and for Veterans, which would also support an extended network of Veteran families, and encourage Veteran interaction with the community as a whole.

What does ‘Dryhootch’ mean?

“Hootch” is military jargon for a hut or safe place to sleep during combat. The term “dry” denotes the organization’s mission to provide a social gathering place for Veterans that is free of alcohol – one of the major problems plaguing Veterans of all eras. As such, the concept behind “Dryhootch” was a desire to establish a café-like environment dedicated to “helping Veterans who survived the war, survive the peace.”