Police: Vehicle stolen from Germantown involved in crash in Milwaukee, 2 in custody

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GERMANTOWN — Two people were taken into custody Monday morning, September 11th after crashing a stolen vehicle in Milwaukee. Police say the vehicle was stolen from Germantown.

According to authorities, at approximately 3:00 a.m. Milwaukee police contacted the Germantown Police Department to report they had recovered a vehicle that was stolen from Germantown, but not yet reported stolen.

During MPD’s incident with the stolen vehicle, the vehicle crashed, there was a foot pursuit, and two suspects were taken into custody.

Police say the owner of the stolen vehicle was unaware it had been taken until she was notified by Germantown police.

Officials say the vehicle was stolen after the suspects gained entry through an open garage door,  went into the victim’s house and took the keys.

At this time, police say they are also taking reports of entries into vehicles and garages. These incidents are concentrated to the area between Division Road and Pilgrim Road., just north of County Line Road.

“Please double check everything before you retire for the night, take valuables out of your vehicles, watch out for your neighbors and stay vigilant,” said Germantown police.