“Want to change some lives:” Packers’ Ty Montgomery speaks out during Sickle Cell Awareness Month

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MILWAUKEE -- The BloodCenter of Wisconsin is teaming up with a breakout Green Bay Packers' star in an effort to tackle a complex disease.

Gathering at Riverside High School Tuesday, September 12th, dozens of students listened to Ty Montgomery talk during "Sickle Cell Awareness Month."

The Packers' lead running back was diagnosed with sickle cell trait at birth. The disease affects the body's red blood cells and can be incredibly painful at times.

Even though Montgomery rarely has those side effects, the issue is bigger than football to him.

Ty Montgomery

"I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure that this platform doesn't go to waste. Because it's not about the money that I make. It's about the lives that I can change. I love playing football, but while I'm playing it, I want to make sure that I can change some lives while doing it," Montgomery said.

There is no known cure for sickle cell, but blood transfusions and medication can drastically improve the lives of those who have it.