“It’s out there and it will kill you:” Couple blames fentanyl for overdose death of pregnant daughter

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Dean and Terrie Grimm

MILWAUKEE -- We've heard the reports time and time again: an opioid overdose claiming the life of yet another person. One Milwaukee couple is speaking out after losing multiple loved ones this summer to the potent drug fentanyl.

"It's been a roller coaster ride," said Terrie Grimm.

Last month, Dean and Terrie Grimm buried their daughter, Kaela Bradley. Her children are now in the care of their grandparents.

Kaela Bradley

"I think that helps us because we see a lot of her in the three children. It makes this a little more easy," said Dean.

Grimm family

Kaela Bradley

Kaela had been using heroin for the past three years, but the Grimms were hopeful she would soon get clean -- especially after learning her childhood friend had overdosed on fentanyl in July.

"A week-and-a-half later, we got that call telling us our daughter was in the emergency room," said Dean.

Dean Grimm

In August, the 31-year-old went into cardiac arrest.

"That's when we were wondering about the baby," said Dean.

Kaela was four months pregnant at the time.

"The baby was still alive but they were wondering what kind of shape the baby was going to be in," said Dean.

Kaela Bradley

Mom and baby ultimately didn't survive. The medical examiner's office determined the cause of death was acute fentanyl intoxication. One hundred other people have died from the potent opiate so far this year in Milwaukee County.

"I know my daughter had her problems with the heroin, but I don't think she had any idea that it was being laced with that," said Dean.

Grieving the loss of their daughter and her friend, as well as what would have been their fourth grandchild, the Grimms want other families struggling with addiction to hear their story before it's too late.

Kaela Bradley

"I just want people to know it's out there. It's out there and it will kill you," said Dean and Terrie Grimm.

The Grimms say they expect Milwaukee police to open an investigation into their daughter's death.