Dashcam video: Watch as deputy is hot on the tail of a kangaroo on the run

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KENOSHA COUNTY -- The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department released dashcam video on Friday, September 15th of the kangaroo that got loose from Jerry Smith's Farm.

Deputies responded Thursday morning to the area of Highway L and 72nd Avenue in Somers for a report of a loose kangaroo. He made a run for it -- but a deputy was hot on his tail.

It was determined that that the kangaroo exited its confine from Jerry Smith’s Farm, located at 7150 18th Street, possibly by kicking the confine gate. The kangaroo decided to wander west on Highway L.


Joey, from Australia, is one of two kangaroos making a guest appearance at the farm this fall.

A tired Joey the kangaroo after his big adventure

"This particular kangaroo was hand reared," said Steve Pulera, head animal wrangler at Jerry Smith's Farm. "He went through one open gate, the one gate that was open and meandered westward."

He didn't make it far down Highway L. Pulera said Joey was moving slowly because of the fog and a deputy caught up to him quickly.

Jerry Smith’s Farm was contacted and five-year-old Joey the kangaroo was safely returned to the farm without any injury to anyone.