Dirty hair hacks: Tips to help you extend your time between shampoos

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MILWAUKEE -- We've all had those morning when you just don't have time to wash your hair -- or decide to sleep a few extra minutes. Well you're in luck because experts say you shouldn't wash your hair everyday. Jonelle Todd of Supercuts joins FOX6 WakeUp with some styles that work well on dirty hair.

Why is shampooing every day so bad for your hair?

  • Shampooing strips the good, natural oils from your hair. ¬†This can lead to damage and split ends which means you have to get it cut more often.
  • Fewer natural oils also means more frizz for people with curly or textured hair frizz.
  • Daily washing also fades colored hair more quickly.

The right products can help extend the time between shampoos. 

  • Dry shampoo soaks up the oil. It`s a great product for guys too! Men can go two or three days without washing their hair.
  • Leave-in conditioner is also great if you`re skipping a shampoo. A trick I tell my Supercuts guests who have to rinse their hair every day: shampoo and condition in the shower one day, but the next day just rinse and spray in a leave in conditioner after you shower.
  • Rinsing will get rid of some of the oils but not all of them, and the leave-in conditioner won`t weigh your hair down as much as normal conditioner.