“Feel like they’re at home:” Brewers welcome Marlins to Miller Park with fake palms, flamingos

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MILWAUKEE — Hurricane Irma is giving the Milwaukee Brewers an unexpected series with the Miami Marlins. Three games have been moved to Miller Park this weekend at the last moment. The team had just days to plan to accommodate tens of thousands of people.

There’s something different in the air at Miller Park on Friday, September 15th. The Brewers put up some fake palm trees and flamingos to make the Marlins feel more welcome.

“Made them feel like they’re at home. I get it,” said Lewis Marquez, Brewers fan.

Back in Miami, the Marlins’ stadium is damaged as cleanup from Hurricane Irma is still underway. So Miller Park gave itself a makeover to host the series.

Marlins Park

“We bought tickets like yesterday and we’re sitting front row like right over there,” said Ben Weinstein, fan.

For fans, it’s meant slashed prices — and not just on tickets — but also concessions. For the Brewers, it took a village to make it happen.

“We’re bringing people from San Diego, Texas, Buffalo, Detroit, all coming in to make sure we have a great experience,” said Ken Gaber, Delaware North.

Concession stands are staffed by workers from around the country.

“We’re putting them in hotel rooms, we’re busing them in, whatever it takes to make sure we’re ready for these games,” said Rick Schlesinger, team president.

The team pulling it off and getting three more games in Milwaukee, in the middle of a playoff race — hoping their displaced visitors feel as comfortable as possible while forced to be on the road.