Huge pot grow found in Germantown couple’s home after they called police to report burglary

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GERMANTOWN -- Busted for a huge marijuana grow operation. As it turns out, the suspects actually called police on themselves.

The suspects called police to report a burglary at their Maple Avenue home. But when police got there, they found evidence of that crime and another one they're now accused of.

Roger Horton and Holly Gierach

FOX6 learned more about the charges during their first court appearance Friday afternoon, September 15.

Roger Horton

Dressed in the same red jail jumpsuit, boyfriend and girlfriend Roger Horton and Holly Gierach faced a Washington County judge.

According to court documents, the evidence was discovered after Gierach called police when she came home to find her back door kicked open and home ransacked.

Holly Gierach

"Our officers responded and found there was a forced entry. They entered in the residence to make sure there were no actors in the residence," Germantown police Lieutenant Tom Schreihart said.

Police were told that several thousands of dollars and a gun were missing.

Lieutenant Tom Schreihart

But downstairs, what remained was, "a marijuana grow operation in the basement," Schreihart said. "There were 32 plants and what looked like high-end equipment they were using to raise the plants."

High-intensity lamp and ventilation systems were also installed. In addition to the dozens of pot plants, non prescription morphine was found on Horton himself.

As a result of one call, the 22 and 28-year-old now face more than 25 years in prison.

"It's a bizarre call that we had. Normally you don't find criminal activity when somebody's the victim. Unfortunately, this is something you can't turn a cheek on," Schreihart said.

The major grow operation has been handed over to the Washington County Drug Unit, meanwhile the burglary is being looked into by Germantown police.