Running for a cause: 40th annual Briggs & Al’s Run and Walk in downtown Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- It's one of the largest and longest running fundraising events in Wisconsin. Saturday, September 16th is the 40th annual Briggs & Al's Run & Walk hosted by the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

The run starts around 10:30 a.m. and there is same day registration.

About Briggs and Al's Run & Walk (website)

OUR KIDS — OUR CHAMPIONS: This is who we run and walk for

Remarkable stories of courage, hope and healing unfold at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin every day. By running, walking and raising funds for Children's, you become one integral part of our story as we work to make Wisconsin's kids the healthiest in the nation. The money raised over the course of this event's 40-year legacy — totaling more than $18 million — directly impact the care Children's provides and helps us give kids the best in every way possible. At Briggs & Al's Run & Walk, we celebrate the brave children we serve and give hope to kids and families.

THE EXPERIENCE: A Milwaukee classic, with a lot of heart

Every September, this magical thing happens in Milwaukee — thousands upon thousands of people coming together in celebration and support of the kids we care for.
Briggs & Al's Run & Walk is a Milwaukee classic, a signature event in the Children's Hospital calendar, and a critical fundraiser. But the overwhelming sense on the day is one of community, gratitude and celebration — and a great deal of fun.

AL MCGUIRE’S LEGACY: The man who started it all

Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk doesn’t just belong to Children’s Hospital; it belongs to us all and we each take something unique from it. But there will always be a part of the event that is special to Marquette University because the event was founded by — and is named for — the late Al McGuire, the school’s former basketball coach.

40 years ago, the legendary coach organized the first “Al’s Run” in support of Children’s Hospital with proceeds going to the prosthetic limb bank. McGuire was the figurehead and organizer of the event for 15 years and when he retired from the event, he had turned it onto one of the largest and most successful races in the Midwest. We often hear from people who tell us their grandparents and parents ran in early Al’s Run races.

Today, Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk is a wonderful day for the kids, and a remarkable legacy for Al McGuire.